Dom Deluxe

Company Dom Deluxe – our reliable partner in real estate and rest sphere across Turkey. Turkey now one of developing countries which is in a friendly way adjusted for foreign capital investments and, at the adequate prices for real estate, property purchase in this country remains till now to one of perspective and profitable investments. Company Dom Deluxe will pick up to you a reliable and interesting variant, will accompany each step of your transaction to Russia and Turkey and will help to avoid rash acts and expenditure.
And the company will develop a personal route for fans of unusual rest and antiquities in the most interesting places of this unusual country and will change for ever your representations about this country.

Masterful Janna Zhallju

Our partners from France on manufacturing of furniture from the most various and unusual materials, such as precious breeds of the tree, valuable metals, leather parchment, a horn, straws and many other things. Company Yann Jallu is awarded by the French government of a rank «Enterprise of a live heritage» for the contribution to history of France and innovative workings out.