We are developing architectural concepts of the following buildings:

  • Private residential houses,
  • Medium-storeyed houses,
  • Apartment houses.

Private houses

Building a house is a labor-intensive and sometimes one of the most difficult stages in the man’s life. But even if you decided to do this, you should take care not only about the strength and reliability of this house.

You should also care about the fact that it was beautiful, reflect your personality and you would like it for many long years. We can develop the concept of your home, its appearance, layout and arrangement of the area.

Medium-storeyed houses

The most popular now are the medium-storeyed houses. The construction of these houses is the main part of the building in the settlements of urban type.

The most economical are the semi-detached houses with small outdoor areas. This is one of the most cost-effective types of medium-storeyed houses (up to 4 floors), with the entrances to each apartment from the outside.

Apartment houses

Multi-storey apartment houses at the moment pass in the type of multifunctional residential complexes which have in their structure a part of the premises for house tenants’ service, and part of the premises for maintenance of inhabitants of the whole district.

As a rule the contents and number of these premises is being developed according with the technical task of the customer and the needs of the city.

Examples of our works you can see in Portfolio section ’Concept.