The town-planning concept


One of our main directions is the design of town-planning concepts: the settlements, estates, and the reorganization of industrial territories for various forms of public and residential buildings.

Cottage settlements

Now more and more urgent becomes the provision of a comfortable living environment for us and our family. In this regard cottage settlements with advanced infrastructure are becoming more actual and popular.

Earlier people were eager to build a comfortable "castle" in a small area, which maintenance took a lot of resources both financial and physical and now people more willing to buy houses in cottage settlements with centralized communications, service companies, on the guarded territory and having extended infrastructure (schools, kindergartens, shops, community centers and other).

The village must have a convenient location, the proximity to the city and public transport connections. Life in the cottage village is no longer a dream about a house on the nature. Now it is comfortable living environment for the whole family.

The basic principles of architectural design of cottage settlements:
Development of the project of a cottage settlement requires solving a number of tasks:

  • To set the village in the natural landscapes with the least loss the surrounding natural environment, to achieve diversity and composition unity of the village,
  • Providing all the inhabitants of the equal accessibility to the functional components (shops, cafes, restaurants, schools, garage complexes, administrative buildings, etc.).
  • Also in the cottage settlement it is necessary to provide recreation zones (parks, ponds and other).
  • Ensuring the social homogeneity of the residents of the village.
  • Solving the problems of the revival of national culture and traditions in the formation of small localities in accordance with the new principles of town-planning concepts and organization of living space.

We offer services on the development of cottage settlements, urban-type settlements, elite club settlements, neighborhoods. Functionality, the compositional unity, landscape, location of the territory, economic components of the project and much more are the things we rely on when designing the town-planning concept.

The reorganization of the territories

Also along with the free territories which are used for the cottage construction, at this time the conversion of abandoned industrial sites, waste and reserve territories, highway territories, unused territories in the difficult terrain and railway territories is actual. Now "wasteland" territories acquire a new life. They are used for the organization of multifunctional complexes, community centers; there is a revitalization of abandoned industrial facilities and areas for office centers, hotel complexes, restaurants, cafes and etc.

The design of such facilities in many respects depends on the functional purpose of the object and territory potential.

For the development of any town-planning concept it is necessary to consider a number of factors:

  • An existing landscape of the territory,
  • Functional direction of building,
  • Transport and pedestrian ways,
  • The functional zoning of the territory,
  • The objects of cultural and household purpose,
  • The length of engineering communications,
  • Elements of an accomplishment and gardening of the territory,
  • Economic profitability; and many other things.

Now there is a reassessment of these areas, they play an increasingly important role in the life of the city and society.

Examples of our works you can see in Portfolio section ‘Concept’.