Public buildings

We offer development of architectural concepts of the following types of buildings:

  • Hotel complexes,
  • Theatres,
  • Cinemas,
  • Clubs,
  • Museums,
  • Entertainment centers,
  • Multifunctional complexes,
  • Shopping centers.

Hotel complexes

The architectural concept of hotels and hotel complexes should include not only the rooms with different levels of comfort, purpose and capacity.

Depending on their objectives and level of the hotel building they can contain premises of various purposes: conference-halls, universal type halls, and a wide choice of restaurants, bars, entertainment rooms, sports and fitness rooms, trade places, information and consumer services.

The process of design of hotel complexes in many respects depends on a set of these functions, a class of a hotel and its purpose.

Theaters, cinemas, clubs and museums

When designing public buildings of cultural and educational purpose it is necessary to bear in mind the individual features of each object: the purpose, the idea, the geographical location and the features of the relief, especially the thematic of the building.

Basing of the combination of these and many other objects we develop the architectural concept. These types of buildings are unique and basically depend on the type of the object.

Entertainment and multifunctional complexes and shopping centers

These are the complex town-building objects combining in its structure groups of buildings: public buildings, transport constructions, garages and parking places, as well as the comfortable territory in a whole object of building.

The main factors in designing of multifunctional complexes are high efficiency of use of the area and engineering networks, the economic profitability of the project, functional usage of the territory and others.

Dimensions, purpose and functional structure of the complexes in the design should base on the town planning territory purpose, power of transport junctions of the place they are located, and be economically profitable.

Examples of our works you can see in Portfolio section ’Concept’.