In this part you can see the example of one of our audio-video project. Of course, every project is unique and we do not suggest you typical projects “in one box”. On the contrary, our target is to find something that suits you.

1. Audio-video project for flat or private house.

2.Theme cinema hall project.

Makes in two project phases: at first phase we design cinema hall in some theme or idea, then we project technical documentation of audio-video project.

The structure of design project is:

  • Requirements specification;
  • First draft of design of home cinema hall (2-3 variants);
  • 3D-visualization (if it is necessary);
  • Explanatory note;
  • Furniture plan
  • Interior elevations
  • Specification of furniture;
  • Specification of materials;
  • Technical drafts;

The structure of audio-video project

  • Requirements specification;
  • Specification of equipment;
  • Explanatory note;
  • Equipment plan;
  • Cable plan;
  • Electric power receptacles plan;
  • Interior elevations
  • Functional scheme;
  • Cable register;

3. Projecting public cinema halls and video projection systems.

No matter what project you need, you will get good result in time. You can see our realized projects in Portfolio.