Our target is to help you orient in world of audio-video equipment and make suitable and comfortable these systems for you.

Our huge experience in audio-video area allows us offer you best of the best. These companies do not have any compromise in quality. The most important for them is the first-class result. We introduce you only some of audio-video equipment we use in our projects. If you need some loudspeakers you did not find at our web site – write to us and we would help you.

Acoustic loudspeakers
The impression after listening this acoustic is amazing. In this small size and elegant style you can find real power of sound. Acoustic Energy is well for rhythmic or for calm music. Acoustic Energy AEI is now high standard of compact loudspeakers.

Acoustic loudspeakers
One of our favorite brand. With ASW you always have a perfect result. Accurate Sound Wave (ASW) has the German quality and punctuality in details. As designers, we can say than these loudspeakers are available in no less then 32 veneers, eggshell surfaces and high-glossy surfaces. Because of this unique color option, ASW has a world wide privileged position and useful for any interior.

«If you can make a better product, then you will sell it» – these known words by John Bowers, one of the co-founder of Bowers and Wilkins, until now is the main credo of this company.
Bowers and Wilkins was founded at 1966 and nowadays is the one of recognized leader in audio-video system area. Since 1988 the company had been actively collaborating with Abbey Road Studios. And it continues to this day, with the 800Ds currently in residence.

Nowadays Classe is high-performance music and theater components maker: processors, amplifiers, pre-amplifiers, CD-players and other components of High-End Home cinema theaters. Classé manufacturing employs both automatic and manual assembly procedures. It makes in small quantity. Classe is expensive, well designed and a very high quality equipment for professional Home theaters.

Processors and amplifiers.

Digital processors, noise reduction and EQ products.

Design, engineering and manufacture of the best performing digital audio components.

Definitive Technology
All types of loudspeakers, CD/DVD pleers/recorders

Dream Vision
High-End projectors.

The professional audio and video signal, AC power conditioning the innovative energy management solutions.

Active speakers and speaker systems.

All types of loudspeakers for professional and home cinema theaters.

JBL Synthesis
Professional loudspeakers

Digital signal processing products for the professional and home theaters.

CD/DVD players/ recorders, processors and amplifiers.

Martin Audio
All types of professional loudspeakers

Digital active loudspeakers and audio/video systems High-End quality.

Quality, reliability and first-class customer service is a main idea of Metz. Metz company developed and manufactured it’s products only in Germany.

CD/DVD players/ recorders, processors and amplifiers

Handmade vacuum-tube amplifiers and preamplifiers High-End class.

Wireless Home Music Systems and Hi-Fi Music Players.