The house is constructed; the apartment is bought. Now it is time to inhale Life in this area. Interior design is a hard work over space creation in which you will feel good.

The main our target is to create an interior which will be close to you. Perfectly created interior reflects our representation of the world and changes us to the best.

By interior of the house we try to express our life experience: travelling, the culture, music, art… And for us all these are the starting points at creation of design of your vital space.

For our customers we especially recommend to pay attention to designing and installation of "Thematic cinema halls", the direction we are attentive very creatively.

You can find examples of works in "Thematic cinema halls" section of our Portfolio.

The main theme of the project can be absolutely individual - "Classics" and "Modern", "the Favorite movie" and "the Epoch…", "the Palace cinema hall" and "Charm of Paris"… In a few words, dream and make your dreams come true with us…