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08.02.2012. The stoyry of one house. “Izvestia” newspaper building.

“Izvestia” newspaper building
Dates: 1925-1927
Architects: G.B. Barkhin, M.G. Barkhin
Constructor: Loleit A.F.
Adress: Pushkin Square, 5

At the building area of “Izvestia” newspaper building had been situated the house of Rimskaya-Korsokova. The house was named “Famusov’s house”. A.S. Griboedov was there many times. By the legend, when he was at the Korsakova’s dancing party and criticized Russian predilection for French style, many people decided that he had become mad and visited him to ask about his health. Griboedov decided to prove that he is not mad and wrote “The grief from the mind”.

The site chosen for the newspaper was located near Sytin’s publishing house on Tverskaya Street and the editorial offices of the “Utro Rossii” newspaper built by F.O. Shekhtel on Putinkovsky Lane. The six-story block of the “Izvestita” building exhibits a traditional, classical –order division into a raised foundation; the wall is evenly cut up by square windows; and an entablature with rounded windows and signs in choppy lettering in place of the cornice. The corner section of the building, which faces Tverskaya Street, is emphatically vertical – an allusion to an originally planned 14-story tower. The effect of vertically is achieved by means of the glass wals of the stair shaft above the awning of the main entrance, by the railings of the balconies that project above the high arch of the entrance, and by one final, crowning gesture – the deep chiaroscuro of the projecting corner covered by a thin slab. The open terrace on the corner covered by a thin slab. The open terrace on the corner turns into a horizontal band under the sign “Izvestia”, making the rhythm of the building more complex and introducing a dynamic element into its construction This dynamic element is reinforced by the square clock on the building’s side, and by the running illuminated headline that crowns the sliced-off entablature of the main facade.

List of books:

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