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18.09.2012. Rusakov club

Rusakov club
1927-1929 K.S. Melnikov
Stromynka Street, 6 Metro Station: Sokolniki

This is the first of five clubs built by Melnikov in Moscow. It was commissioned by the Mocow Union of Transport Workers, for which the architect built the garages on Bakhmetyevskaya and Novoryazanskaya Streets. The proximity of a hospital complex with small buildings surrounded by trees provoked Melnikov to "blow up the even rhythm of the buildings in the neighborhood with an unusual construction charged with energy. With the sharp triangular projection of the stage oriented downward along the steep descent of Boyevskaya Street, the club throws out three consoles in the direction of Stromynskaya Square. These consoles, which are directed toward the sky, contain the balconies of the auditorium. The expressiveness of the sculptural form of the building was heightened by contrasts of color and light. The surfaces of the corner and top of the portal of the stage revealed unstuccoed red bricks. The lateral faces of the consoles were white, with changing large-scale signs on the sides. The lower surfaces of the consoles and the vertical frames of the stained glass windows had a warm, dark-gray tone. In the evening, electric lighting inside the club transformed the building into an ingenious lamp-projector. The building has been seriously damaged by repeated remodeling, but its general composition profile has remained intact.

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