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18.09.2012. Club of the D0RKHIMZAV0D chemical plant with kitchen-factory

Club of the D0RKHIMZAV0D chemical plant with kitchen-factory 
1927-1929 K.S. Melnikov
Berezhkovskaya Embankment, 28 Metro Station: Kievskaya

The smallest of K. S. Melnikov's clubs was built during his "golden period" of 1927- 1929 on the territory of the Dorogomilov Chemical Plant. The markedly strict and laconic composition of the club, unusual for Melnikov, is owed to his unwillingness to compete with the exquisite silhouette of the Novodevichy Monastery on the opposite side of the river (at the time of its construction, the club was not separated from the river by workshops). The central rectangular volume of the club, with a roof sloping downward to the rear facade, contains a 300-seat auditorium. The projecting ground floor forms a terrace in front of the foyer, while stair shafts are concealed behind the stained glass win-dows of the projecting sides. As in his other clubs, Melnikov envisioned "live walls" that divided the auditorium into separate halls, in tiers, and made it possible to include the foyer within the common space of the auditorium.

These partitions, however, were left unrealized. Other deviations from the original design also occurred during construction: a second row of windows appeared on the facade, and a cafeteria was added onto the courtyard-side of the building, disrupting the crystalline unity of the edifice. At present, the club is in a state of disrepair.