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18.09.2012. "Burevestnik" factory club

"BUREVESTNIK" factory club
1927-1929 K.S. Melnikov
3rd Rybinskaya Street, 17 Metro Station: Sokolniki

The commission to design a club for the "Burevestnik" shoe factory was received by K. S. Melnikov at the end of 1927, when the club on Stromynskaya Square was already being built.

The design was worked out in a kind of dialogue with the art nouveau mansion (1903, A.M. Kalmykov, architect) on the opposite side of the street. Melnikov oriented a a tower with a five-petal ground plan, which contained reading halls and rooms for club activities, in the direction of the mansion. Concealed behind the asymmetric facade of the club and its tower are two rectangular blocks, one of which projects from the other; they are connected at the level of the second floor. Most of the the building is taken up by an auditorium. In the original design, this auditorium could be transformed into a swimming pool. One could dive into this swimming pool from the floor of an athletic hall, which was located slightly above it and served as a balcony for the audience when the space was used for showing movies or plays. The swimmers could take sun baths in the solarium on the roof of the tower. The swimming pool was not built due to, in Melnikov's words, "the stupid infancy of technology."

The contrasting juxtaposition of volumes intended for different use develops Melnikov's original orientation toward a unified expressive form for the club with a transformable interior space. The complete restoration of the building in the 1990s left it without some of its windows, simplified the line of the window sashes, and almost wholly distorted the building's interiors.

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