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18.09.2012. Zuyev club

1927-1929 I.A. Golosov
Lesnaya Street, 18 Metro Station: Belorusskaya

It was necessary to fit an edifice marking an important intersection in the "Greater Moscow" Plan into the narrow site designated for the club. Golosov chose a dynamic composition that "turned on the hinge" of the corner tower, the walls of which were made entirely of glass. Both the longer facade on the projected radial road, and the shorter one on the New Boulevard Ring, which was to run along Lesnaya Street, are topped with elevated, rectangular projections that are 2/3 windowless.

The composition is pulled together by the horizontal belt of the upper part, which curves around the cylindrical tower at a right angle. The wide, glassed apertures of the belt and the rectangular tower served as windows for the auditorium on the building's longer side and had exits to the balcony, which stretched along the entire length of the auditorium, as did the balcony of the auditorium's first tier, located beneath it. The vertical windows unite the two lower stories under the balconies and provide illumination for the foyer beneath the auditorium. The interflowing spaces of the interior connected the foyer with the spiral staircase inside the transparent cylinder, as well as with a gallery above the colonnade in the foyer. During later remodeling, the stair shafts were cut off from the lower foyer and the smaller foyers on every floor of the club. The windows of the auditorium were walled in, the balconies were removed, and the terraces on the club's flat and variously elevated roofs disappeared.

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