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18.09.2012. "Svoboda" factory club

"SVOBODA" factory club
1927-1929 K.S. Melnikov
Vyatskaya Street, 41a Metro Station: Savelovskaya

Like the "Kauchuk" Club and the Club of the Dorkhimzavod chemical plant, the club of the "Svoboda" perfume factory was commissioned by the chemists' union. For this building, which stands at the entrance to a park, Melnikov chose a markedly horizontal, symmetrical composition. In this club, the architect's imagination, fuelled by the proximity of the Rallet Perfume Factory, once again came up against technical limitations. In the original design, the composition of the club consisted of a cistern with an elliptical cross- section that was squeezed between towers; the lower part of the structure was intended for a swimming pool, while its upper part was to contain a transformable auditorium, with a stage and dressing rooms at one end, and a film projection booth at the other. The auditorium could be divided into two parts by means of a suspended wall. When it was raised, this wall was pulled up into a slab that intersected the cistern and bore the name of the club. However, not only did the pool turn out to be unfeasible (the locality did not yet have running water), but the elliptical frame and the hoist for the wall could not be built as well. The longitudinal volume had to be made faceted, and the external ramps were accordingly replaced by staircases. On the other hand, the plastic elements of the composition were enlivened by a four-tone color scheme: white - red - gray - black. The club has been substantially remodeled and is currently under reconstruction.

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