Well here, interior design of your house is done, all furniture is in its place, and like everything is fine.

But bookcases are empty, and will soon be filled with a chaotic selection of small and big books, without dependence from style and a format. No photos on walls and the sofa will soon be covered by an old coverlet which is not for a new interior at all.

Or maybe you are the restaurant owner or a cafe and, it’s not necessary for you to make a global reconstruction but you would like to involve new customers and to inhale life in existing interior: to add images, to replace accessories, to create pleasant atmosphere…

Or even maybe you are expecting the child birth and you need to prepare a warm and cozy room for him or her.

What are the decorator’s services for?

The decorator will scrupulously pick up details which will highlight features of your interior. He will add accessories approaching on style which will make an interior finished and inhabited. And that is important; it will let you doing your own affairs, having rest with relatives or friends while he does his job.

Decorating usually includes: selection of furniture and accessories, fixtures, paintings and a sculptures, other details of the interior, what takes the trips on shops, offices of suppliers, exhibitions, etc., together with the Customer and individually. The decorator can also make individual home decorations: chandeliers, furniture and other accessories.

Decorating is a finale in the general process of interior design which will make accents and will create the finished image of your Home.