Dear friends! We are glad to see you at our website.

The name of our company “Artego Group” tells about main idea that lay in our principle of work. “Art Ego” – is reflection of a creative part of ego. As there could not be identical people, so could not be identical projects. Every project reflects tastes and world-view of its owners.

Creation appearance of building or interior is a Philosophy. And maybe, Psychology. In working process we based on personal characteristics, wishes, habits and functionality.

The aim of every talented person – to create perfect work no matter in what area: baking bread, constructing buildings, making cars, drawing paintings, writing music and etc. And when you project your house – you need Master. Master, who will create a masterpiece from your wishes.

Our target is to be professionals!

In our company work very carried away people, experts in their business. And now it is time to create our masterpiece with you. The masterpiece of perfect living space – house, office, entertainment building, multifunctional complex or cottage village… And how it would be – decide you.