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Theme cinema halls

On December 28 of 1895 in the basement of the Grand Cafe on the boulevard of Capuchins the first session of commercial cinema was given. This date can be called not only the birth of cinematography but also the appearance of the first cinema hall in the world. Since then cinemas began to change, to acquire new forms and finally appeared in our homes. First home theaters were available for a narrow circle of people who could afford it. Surely the interiors of these halls could compete in luxury with the most prestigious cinema halls.

After a period of unification and standardization home cinema halls now endures a new birth. Home cinema halls designed under the individual order, not similar to anything previously are the systems have now become decoration of the apartments or houses.

Our company offers not only installation of the equipment in the interior. We create individual, unique in its kind cinemas, starting with the creation of an image of the premises and to the integration of the best equipment.

Individuality is always valued expensive. We offer that you will not find nowhere else. Each room which we are developing is the only one in it's kind.

Our team of architects and designers develops stylistic decision exclusively for each customer, engineers and installers are working on the acoustic characteristics of the room. And when these two factors unite a unique system turns out.

We present to you two home cinema halls, the dream movie theaters. Probably someone of you would like his dream to come true, just like our customers did; the dream of a perfect home movie theater which reflects exactly your world.