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18.09.2012 Rusakov club

This is the first of five clubs built by Melnikov in Moscow. It was commissioned by the Mocow Union of Transport Workers, for which the architect built the garages on Bakhmetyevskaya and Novoryazanskaya Streets.

18.09.2012 Club of the D0RKHIMZAV0D chemical plant with kitchen-factory

The smallest of K. S. Melnikov's clubs was built during his "golden period" of 1927- 1929 on the territory of the Dorogomilov Chemical Plant. The markedly strict and laconic composition of the club, unusual for Melnikov, is owed to his unwillingness to compete with the exquisite silhouette of the Novodevichy Monastery on the opposite side of the river (at the time of its construction, the club was not separated from the river by workshops).

18.09.2012 "Burevestnik" factory club

The design was worked out in a kind of dialogue with the art nouveau mansion (1903, A.M. Kalmykov, architect) on the opposite side of the street. Melnikov oriented a a tower with a five-petal ground plan, which contained reading halls and rooms for club activities, in the direction of the mansion. Concealed behind the asymmetric facade of the club and its tower are two rectangular blocks, one of which projects from the other; they are connected at the level of the second floor. Most of the the building is taken up by an auditorium. In the original design, this auditorium could be transformed into a swimming pool.

18.09.2012 Zuyev club

It was necessary to fit an edifice marking an important intersection in the "Greater Moscow" Plan into the narrow site designated for the club. Golosov chose a dynamic composition that "turned on the hinge" of the corner tower, the walls of which were made entirely of glass.

18.09.2012 "Svoboda" factory club

Like the "Kauchuk" Club and the Club of the Dorkhimzavod chemical plant, the club of the "Svoboda" perfume factory was commissioned by the chemists' union. For this building, which stands at the entrance to a park, Melnikov chose a markedly horizontal, symmetrical composition. In this club, the architect's imagination, fuelled by the proximity of the Rallet Perfume Factory, once again came up against technical limitations.

08.02.2012 The stoyry of one house. “Izvestia” newspaper building.

At the building area of “Izvestia” newspaper building had been situated the house of Rimskaya-Korsokova. The house was named “Famusov’s house”. A.S. Griboedov was there many times. By the legend, when he was at the Korsakova’s dancing party and criticized Russian predilection for French style, many people decided that he had become mad and visited him to ask about his health. Griboedov decided to prove that he is not mad and wrote “The grief from the mind”.